After leaving Jacksonville we went south to Gainesville. We took an amazing Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail-Trail. We had a pleasant ride until we got flat tire. When we stopped thousands of mosquitoes attacked us but we were prepared this time thanks to Debbie and David :) So we changed the tube, put a patch and carried on. The day was hot and the sun was burning our brains ;) In Poland is cold in October but here is just like our summer. We finally got to our hosts in Gainesville. The have a beautiful mobile house that really impressed me. Not only the house but also the garden with citrus trees and horses. I would like to have such a place to live. Their house seems small but inside there is plenty of room. There are three bedrooms, a big living room with kitchen, two bathrooms and nice porches outside. The garden is also big so they can have chickens (fresh eggs everyday :) and horses that have a lot of place to gallop. There is a vegetable garden where sweet potatoes and been are and or the kids they have swing, swimming pool and other cool things. The most important thing it is so private and quiet that you can feel safe. Watch the movie and share your opinion :)

And some extra fun with sphere photos!