This craazy weekend started pretty quietly with a nice lying on the beach, swimming in the bay and drinking some nice cocktails but a few moments later we had the time of our lives. We left our bikes in a garage :) and we went to see American football match between two high-school teams Tigers and Crusaders and it was much better than games we saw on TV. It was a big celebration and the atmosphere was awesome. We felt the spirit of the competition with all these people around in blue and green clothes. I was so glad that I could see it live. Before the game, people gathered on parking lot and they were talking, eating and drinking and simply just had fun. The game was very exciting and our team, Tigers, won :) Another day we went to see NHL match in Tampa and again the atmosphere was great. There was a concert in front of the stadium that entertained people who were gathering and waiting to get inside. We had best time and again our team won. Every time Bolts scored a goal the lighting occurred. We are really happy that we could participate in these events and we would never forget that.