Traveling to Savannah supposed to be easy going. The day before we heard a few interesting stories about the city. Houses there were built on old graves, so every place is haunted by ghosts... Our plan was to go to main street of Savannah, River Street and see famous Bonaventure cemetery. We started about 11am, went through Savannah Wildlife Refuge, it was the nice part. Then we passed Port Wenworth, this is really an industrial city (or how we imagine it). Everything is shipped over the ocean from and to China here. Road was long, dirty and not fun at all in this part. Somehow we arrived to River Street. It is all gravel and stairs unfortunately, so not very bike friendly. Lunch time was coming. We found out that the best shrimp bar is little out of River Street, so we decided to go there, before Bonaventure Cemetery. The restaurant is really old and does not look very welcoming from outside, but food is great! After lunch we were riding about half an hour to Bonaventure cemetery and... it was closed because of hurricane :( The graves were destroyed and zombies came out ;) Ehhh, bad luck this time. We should have checked their facebook page. We had enough of Savannah and decided to leave Savanah and go south, so we would be in Florida in a few days.