After long way travel, we came to Bariloche, heart of Argentinian side of the Patagonia. It was 3am in the morning, so we spent the night before the city with beautiful night view of the city. Sky was full of stars and in the lower part there is lake and city lights shining. 20161215 075244 Next day, we decided to ride towards north, on 7 lakes trail, which is set from Villa La Angostura to San Marting de Los Andes. We wanted to make little fire, so again our rest point was located before Villa La Angostura. This day we understood why people call this land the most windy place on the earth (and we were in the most north part of it = most calm probably!). We were riding against the wind (wind is almost always from Chilean side), dry sand which cover those mountains was floating in the air like sandstorm. We were riding very slowly, about 12km/h (7 miles/h), in USA we had average about 21km/h (13miles/h). We finished this day after 55km (35 miles) very tired after such welcoming. But we made it! And we found our prize, there was empty beach with again beautiful view on the lake. Something very memorable. It was day, which we were celebrating Pati birthday (happy birthday!), so we were better prepared with food - wine, chorizo, pate, bread, cheese and of course stunning views with blue sky! Ready for fire!

20161215 194059

Second day of our little tour de Patagonia, we started about noon, we felt our first day in the mountains in our legs. Route was in the middle mountains, so it was riding down and up all the time. It was beginning of the 7 lake land. Area has changed, from red sand to mountains full of green, trees, flowers. Now we have natural windshield. We arrived to Villa La Angostura after riding 25km (15 miles) and decided to find place to sleep. It suppose to be rainy later this day. Again, similar story, we found a beach with great view, have little fast fire with roasted potatoes. When it started to rain, we were safe in the tent.

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Next morning, after noon sky started to be blue again. This day we saw a few lakes on our way, about 4 I think. In each, in the surface of the water, we could easily see, green, powerfull mountains. Forecast was showing that good weather should be for 3 days maximum. We decided to make shorter circle around the lakes. After turn, paved road has finished and gravel, sandy, old road began. Riding with panniers was hard, but in return we get really stunning views, wild area without many cars. This unpaved road suppose to be short - only 30km (18 miles) this day, but such distance in the mountains, with panniers, on such road, let's say it wasn't so short for us :). We made more than 60km (40 miles) this day. 20161217 124650 Jechało się ciężko, ale w zamian za to otrzymaliśmy kolejną porcję pięknych widoków i brak sterty wyprzedzających nas aut. Ten pewnego rodzaju żużel miał trwać zaledwie 30km, jednak w wietrznych górach, z sakwami, 30 km, to dystans spory. Ten dzień zakończyliśmy pokonując 60 kilometrów.

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With sunrise we started fire, so we could make coffee, eat hot bun and oatmeal to be ready to ride. First half of the day, it was continuing of the same unpaved road. It leads out of the lakes area between the mountains, which top was about 700m (3000 ft) above. dsc01802 We finished this day near the big river. We returned to red sand area, so it was mostly kind of desserted view. In the beginning of our last day of this trip, we rode to Bariloche, to visit Felicitas, who offered to help us during bad weather days. For now you can see photo galleries only. Our movies, would be in the couple of next days (hopefully), when we find a place with fast internet connection, so we can send it.

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