I had a little different view of bike travels. I thought that you cycle in the sunshine, birds sing, you find a nice place to camp etc. But it's not. When pedaling everyday, after some miles everything hurts, the sun burns your skin and mind, no birds songs, and there are many small animals that got run over on the road and stink awfully. That's the way it is but I do not want to dramatize a lot. Check our short movie. Every country is different so trips is different too. In USA we have to ride veeery carefully because people usually drive very fast and most of them are not bikes friendly. Some drivers are old and can't see properly and some are drunk. They have those pick-ups that give you a shake when they pass you by and they are so loud that you end up deaf at the end of the day. On the other side people are very friendly and they helped us a lot during this trip. Our routine looks like this. We wake up about seven or eight we eat breakfast, usually eggs or oatmeal and we prepare something for lunch. We take about gallon of water into our bladders and water bags. On the bike you feel bottomless so we stop now and then to eat some cookies, bananas or bars. The route is usually too long even if it is not :) and for us it is really hot sometimes but we are chasing the summer. So now we are in Florida and it's beautiful weather in November :) I can't imagine how hot it is in real summer. In Poland summer is sometimes colder than winter here :) We really picked up good time to go from New York to Florida because it is not too hot and not too cold as you know we started on 26th September. Anyway I almost forget what I am writing about in this post :) That that you will see in the video we actually did not know where we would sleep. After 50 miles we got invitation to Crystal River so we had another 20 miles to ride. We got there quickly because we wanted to see how kids enjoy Halloween. It was a really nice evening. Every routine can be boring and tiresome at some point but we are awarded by meeting very interesting people every time and the experience itself is priceless. :)