How to be prepared for every weather condintions and not to be overloaded? Packing for a whole year trip is a big challange. Of course you can take your favorite sweater and proper boots for colder days but wouldn't it be taking too much space and be to heavy? It's better to look for some sportwear which is fast drying, light and small. Do the laundry is more pesky thing on the road than at home so it is very crucial to have fast drying materials. The choice of clothes on the Internet is huge and it takes a lot of time to decide what to buy. I will try to give you some advice how to cope with it quickly.

Layered clothing is the best way to arrange your travelling wardrobe. It's better to take more clothes that you can wear on top of each other. Make a list or draw your clothes from bottom to top and put them in layer order: first layer that keeps your body dry; second that provides warmth and third that protects from wind and cold. You can also make some cathegories of their usage for example: for riding; for camping; for sightseeing. The more situations a particular clothing can be worn the better, that is why I do not take any of cycling jerseys becuse I think simple t-shirt is more flexible in usage. Apart from riding I can go to a museum or even sleep in it. I just do not think it is really necessary to have a proper cycling jersey. During shopping remember to check the weight of clothes because it's not always obvious and matters a lot. Here is my list below, I also give some names of brands that I use for many years and are reliable:

ItemAmountWeight [g]Weight x amount [g]
Short finger gloves12626
Long finger gloves Dexshell17373
Waterproof coat1300300
T-shirt Odlo580400
Cycling shorts with pad Attiq1150150
Warmers Attiq2150300
Cycling shoes1500500
Cycling shoe covers19090
Base layers long sleeve and legwear1200200
Fleece jumper Attiq1500500
Socks Odlo550250
Waterproof socks Dexshell1116116
Turf trainers1442442
Casual top15050
Casual shorts15050
Casual longsleeve19090
Causal trousers1200200
SUMA364.06 kg5.01 kg