When travelling by bike you never know what is going to happen. Of course, there are not always good things but this time we were very lucky because we met Tom and Becky in Bradenton, Florida, who share their adventure cycling stories from western part of America and now we are so encouraged to come back to US and ride along west coast to Seattle, the capital of grunge (my favorite kind of music:) and visit West Point Lighthouse and Discovery Park where Hunger Strike was filmed. Next day Captain Tom took us and our bikes to Sarasota by his green boat so we did not have to spend minute on pedaling. It was a beautiful day and Tom made it even more beautiful :) He showed us manatee, sea birds, dolphins and the beauty of coastline of Manatee County Florida. Being on the water made us really relaxed and peaceful, oh it was soo great escape from busy roads.Watch our video to see manatee and dolphins If you would like to have the same experience visit Tom's website and contact him. It is really worth it. The worst time was time to say goodbye and we had to go to the next direction. We are slowly moving to Miami to fly to Argentina on 26th November.